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How to Relieve your Dog’s Allergies Naturally

dog allergy relief

Does your dog suffer from allergies and you don’t even know it? This is totally a possibility. When our hay fever is running rampant, sneezing, sniffling and coughing are what seem to take over our daily lives. But despite a

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5 No-Bake, Healthy Dog Treats to Make at Home

no-bake, healthy dog treat ideas

Many people consider their dogs to be their “furry children.” They dress them up, talk to them as if they were a child, and even give them pacifiers. And why not? These furry, little creatures capture our hearts from the

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6 Ways To Exercise With Your Dog

Ways to exercise with your dog

With the last days of summer approaching the clock is ticking on the nice days to enjoy outside with your dog. By this point it may be safe to say that you might be getting tired of the usual walk

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How to Improve Your Dog’s Health With Supplements

improve your dogs health with supplements

Here at Dog Heiro we want to improve your dog’s health, because dogs today aren’t getting the nutrients they need by just eating healthy, and the same can be said for humans. Food today has lost some if it’s nutritional

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6 Ways to Keep Your Dog Cool in the Summer

With summer in full swing the temperature is only going to increase with each passing day and while that means more excuses to jump in the pool, your dog is at a greater risk to overheat and possibly get heat

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Anxiety and Dogs- How to Help

anxious dog

Anxiety isn’t just a problem regulated to us busy humans with our stressful lives, but is a common problem among dogs, even with their own seemingly stress-free lives. Dogs worry too, and various sounds that seem normal to us will

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West Coast Dog Parks to Visit This Summer!

dog park

Wondering about West Coast Dog Parks?? Last month we covered some fantastic dog parks and beaches on the east coast, and now it’s the west coast’s turn! Wherever you go, don’t forget your pet – their personalities are additions you

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Dog park

ITS DOG PARK SEASON AND YOUR DOG KNOWS IT! Just as we sit at our desks and dream of greenery and ocean views during the cooler months, our pooches dream of running free and splashing with their favorite people in

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Flea and Tick Season is Here!

Flea and tick season is here, and that means protecting your pup from pests has never been more important. According to the American Kennel Club,  Pennsylvania begins to see these parasites emerge as early as March, and they don’t fade

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If disaster strikes, will your pet be ready?

lost dog

  Recent natural disasters like Super Storm Sandy and Hurricane Katrina changed many lives forever. From the chaotic event, government readiness officials and residents learned the importance of planning not only for ourselves but also our pets.   Particularly after

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